Satara Concept Store, Spui 23 Amsterdam

On Saturday, 24 April we launched our first concept store where we showcased live the spring/summer 2010 collection, designed in India by Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) graduates Lotte Biermasz, Sofie Claes, and Tuija Mantyla. What we mean by a concept store is the temporary occupation of an existing store. We basically take over for two weeks to create an inspirational environment that represents Satara’s ideals, educates consumers on our cause, and presents the newest collection.  It reflects an idea we have been pursuing for some time. Satara is a personal brand, derived and established out of personal stories. It is thus only fitting that we present our collection in such a personal manner.

The concept store is alive and kicking from 24 April to 25 May.  It is hosted by the BY Amfi Statement Store, which was created as a window into the work of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. It forms part of BY Amfi's sustainability theme, called "Groeikas", and represents collaboration and growth. Everything in the store, from interior design to clothing, will be sustainable. Inside the shop a self-made tree will grow, expanding and changing every week to symbolize constant growth. There will also be a photography exhibition by Tom Palmaers illustrating the story of Satara, the life of the seamstresses and the atmosphere of this first collection. Following these two weeks, Satara garments will continue to be available in the store.

Be the change you wish to see and visit the concept store at Spui 23 in Amsterdam. View invitation here.


window_by_amfi by_amfi_shop